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An interview with f(x) Empty An interview with f(x)

Post by iLabTaemin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:30 am

Popular rookie girl group f(x) had an interview with Newsen. They talked about a variety of interesting things, such as how Amber was always boyish to how f(x) got close with fellow idol groups around them.

Firstly, they talked about how the competitiveness with other girl idol groups lead to friendship.

f(x) commented:

"All of our members like to make friends. We have never thought about having a competition with other girl groups. Rather than being our rivals, we think of them as our friends, buddies, sunbaes and hoobaes."

Sulli continued:

"It is to the point where I have told Krystal, 'if we are friends, let's have a really friendly relationship,' when we were debuting. Coincidently, our activity schedules overlapped with Kara and 4minute's. I have become close to 94ers Jiyoung [Kara] and So Hyun [4minute]. They are really kind and with our same ages along with the same environment of our activities, we became close. As I became friends with the two, I got closer with each of their groups [4minute & Kara]."

Amber also commented:

"I found out that Kara's Nicole lived in a similar neighborhood as me. When I talk with her, it reminds me of my home a lot. She has been giving me a lot of help."

f(x)'s leader Victoria also added:

"I became really close to Kara's Gyuri and Seungyeon. I talk to Gyuri a lot because we are leaders of a group. I am really happy that I have friends who can help me."

f(x) also talked about their sunbaes from SM Entertainment.

f(x) as a group commented:

"We feel proud to be in the same agency as SNSD, who are Korea's best girl group. They are our sunbaes and we have a lot to learn from."

To another of their sunbaes, SHINee, they commented:

"When they recently got first place on a music show, we were really happy as if we were the ones that won. We were thrilled when SHINee said, 'Give lots of love to f(x)' on their encore stage. We were already aware of their dance moves for Ring Ding Dong, so we were able to stand on the stage together. It was really fun."

They then talked about Amber's tomboy image, clarifying rumors and statements amongst fans who said she was given the image by SM.

Amber commented:

"To be honest, I want to show more of this kind [boyish] of image. My image was not made up. Ever since I was young, I liked boyish styles. Being boyish is my natural looks."

Luna and Krystal commented:

"We were surprised when we first saw Amber, as we thought she was a boy. It was because she is boyish in her everyday life.

Sulli added:

"I wasn't really surprised as I knew Amber earlier than the rest of the members. But when I first saw her, I was thinking she was really boyish."

f(x) as a group commented:

"Because Amber grew up in America, she is unfamiliar with a lot of things. She is a member who works hard. Her Korean language is better than before. She is a member who keeps changing every day."

Lastly, Krystal talked about SNSD's Jessica, who as you all know, is her older sister.

Krystal commented:

"When f(x) debuted [September], my sister was finished with her activities so we got to see each other often. When we would meet at either our home or at the rehearsal room, we would cheer each other on. I currently don't see my sister as often because she is busy with her musicals. During my debut, my sister said to me, 'You will succeed better than me so don't worry about anything and do your best.' She gave me a lot of strength when I was worrying a lot just after my debut."

source: allkpop

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