2PM Interview for AnyCall Corby

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2PM Interview for AnyCall Corby Empty 2PM Interview for AnyCall Corby

Post by Xiatistic on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:46 am

Looks like 2PM's giving Rainbow a run for their money - these hilarious boys are coloring up their recent Anycall Corby endorsement with an interview that's sure to make you crack a smile. After raising a few eyebrows with some intriguing concept photos and upgrading their website, Anycall is doing a great job getting people interested in what's in store in coming weeks.

In this interview, 2PM explains the reasoning behind their Power Ranger unique wardrobe concept. Girls, hold your hearts - you're about to experience a little promiscuity and lots of bromance!
Who's excited for the full commercial and endorsement feature?

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