Who created the scandal between Sunny and Sungmin?

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Who created the scandal between Sunny and Sungmin? Empty Who created the scandal between Sunny and Sungmin?

Post by Xiatistic on Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:25 am

Remember the scandal about SNSD's Sunny and Super Junior's Sungmin? Sungmin clarified a couple of times that he was just good friends with Sunny, but we never got to hear Sunny's explanations. Well, she finally explained her side of the story!

On yesterday's broadcast of KBS Star Golden Bell, the question "Have you ever had a embarrassing scandal" was asked. In response, Sunny brought up her scandal with Sungmin, who was also on the show. Sunny explained, "The reason the scandal was created was because of the Super Junior oppas. I was hosting a radio program with Sungmin and the Super Junior sunbaenims told me that they would help make our program become a hit by fabricating a scandal, but the scandal didn't break out until our we left the program."

During the show, Sunny and Sungmin also expressed that the two don't look at each other as stars. Sungmin commented, "I have seen her face with eye mucus after practices so many times that she doesn't look like a star to me." To this Sunny fired back, "But his feet stink. ... I remember Sungmin was sitting down indoors and his feet smelled like the odors you smell when the sewer caps are opened."

I guess we now know who is to blame for the scandal!


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