2PM’s hearts beat again at Oh Yeah! Concert

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2PM’s hearts beat again at Oh Yeah! Concert Empty 2PM’s hearts beat again at Oh Yeah! Concert

Post by iLabTaemin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:04 am

Just the word 2PM is enough to get heads turning these days - from scandals to controversial returns, from suicide petitions to boycotts, the one-year-old guy group's headline count is high enough to rival the track record of any veteran idol on the kpop scene.

Fans were riled up when the stage comeback date was announced recently, then further agitated when the date was moved closer and closer. After an excruciatingly long wait, the boys are back on stage! Without further ado, here's the well-anticipated comeback performance of Heartbeat...

2PM's first official album, 1:59 PM, contains thirteen tracks, including the title song, Heartbeat, which was produced and written by Park Jin Young himself. Besides the title song, the tracks that had been unveiled prior to the official album release like Tired of Waiting and Crazy for You are also sweeping the music charts.

Furthermore, teasers of the album jackets have also been spreading throughout the media and internet, further firing up many fans.

A JYP Entertainment representative promised, "If 2PM received love for their manly charisma in the past, the new album will give you a whole new concept and performances you have never seen before. I ask the audience for their love for 2PM."

Many fans are undoubtedly excited that the 2PM boys have rekindled their activities and have their hearts beating again... but without their leader, are the boys really back to life?

source : allkpop

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