Wonder Girls plans to tour America by themselves

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Wonder Girls plans to tour America by themselves

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:43 pm

Earlier this year and all throughout the summer the Wonder Girls made their grand debut in the states as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers concert tour. After releasing an English version of Nobody, along with a remix, opening for Jordan Sparks and making it on the Billboard charts, the group wrapped up their American activities and bid adéu. But today in an interview with Billboard.com, JYP revealed that the girls would return with a full blown concert in January 2011!

It was revealed that the girls would be having their own concert in six cities across the states. Wonder Girls leader Sun (Sunye) commented about her American debut saying, "At first, singing in English was difficult. However, I think the experience has helped me improve." Fellow member Yenny (Yeeun) also said, "I do miss Korea, but I'm happy that we have the chance to show ourselves to America."

JYP also revealed his confidence in the girls' success and the key secret behind it saying, "Japan's Utada Hikaru or China's Coco Lee, they both changed their true colors and because of that they could not succeed. However, the Wonder Girls did not change their colors at all. Because they remained true to themselves, I think they succeeded."

The girls also have a concert coming up in Shanghai on December 1st, but for any of you fans who missed them this year or wish to see them again, you can catch them again in 2011!

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