Yuri shows off her sexy flexibility

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Yuri shows off her sexy flexibility Empty Yuri shows off her sexy flexibility

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:07 pm

During the filming of KBS 2TV's Invincible Youth, G7 members followed SNSD / Girls Generation member Yuri's lead and participated in various stretching exercises before tending to their morning tasks together. As the group attempted to perform small work-outs to warm up their bodies, SNSD's sexbomb demonstrated her hidden talent for yoga.

Kara's Goo Hara, on the other hand, struggled to execute the yoga poses as effortlessly as Yuri and appeared to be the most stiff of all. To this, Hara expressed, "I thought I could get by with just the butt dance, but it seems I need to work on my flexibility."

However, Hara fared much better than Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha as the latter only attempted one pose, complaining that she was tired and collapsed on the floor in forfeit.

On this day, SNSD's Sunny, also assumed the role of the yoga instructor and flaunted her impressive flexibility, mastering all the poses flawlessly and doing fairly well in a contests of splits. Unfortunately, because of Sunny's short legs, she was unable to advance further into the competition and fell short of 1st place (pun intended).

Most of the female idols on the show revealed their splits on stage in the past, but, in the end, the two finalists were narrowed down to 4minute's sexy HyunA and SNSD's Yuri. Eager to declare a winner, MC Kim Shin Young offered that she would give twice the points to the girl who can turn while doing the splits.

Check out the scene from the episode below!

I'm not gonna lie. I tried imitating Yuri's pose in the second picture to determine my flexibility, but, as I was raising my bended leg, I heard something crack. She made it look so easy that I thought I could be able to do it too, but I dream... I'll leave the yoga to Yuri and Dhalsim.

Here's a Bonus Video of Yuri falling asleep while making kimchi

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