Seo Ji Suk professes his love for SNSD’s Jessica?

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Seo Ji Suk professes his love for SNSD’s Jessica? Empty Seo Ji Suk professes his love for SNSD’s Jessica?

Post by iLabTaemin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:47 am

On the November 16th episode of SBS show Strong Heart, actor Seo Ji Suk stunned the whole audience when he professed his love for SNSD member Jessica!

This episode's theme was "I've prepared something for you" and Seo Ji Suk started out by saying, "I've prepared something specifically for one of the girls seated here today." He then revealed that it was the woman sitting next to him, SNSD's Jessica. "When I went to the army, there was a photo of SNSD but only one particular person seemed to catch my eye," and admitted to developing a crush for the member.

He continued, "I was only making quick glances at the poster, but Jessica's lips seem to just really come out at me. Most other female singers try to act pretty with their lips but hers are distinguished and pouty...but the moment I saw words can express them."

These words definitely took everyone by surprise but he wasn't the only with a few secrets to confess. Coincidentally, she was watching a drama that he was in a few years back with her mother and she told her mom, "Look at that chief!" When asked why she said, "I want to marry that kind of guy."

Afterwords Seo Ji Suk had prepared a gift for Jessica and presented her with a lip gloss saying, "I like this fragrance and of all the ones I've tried, this has the sweetest smell to it." It was also revealed that when he was preparing his acting, there wasn't a girl he hadn't dated at his acting academy. He said that he wasn't a player but rather he was just that popular.

source: allkpop

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