KARA is the next Hallyu star?

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KARA is the next Hallyu star? Empty KARA is the next Hallyu star?

Post by Xiatistic on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:51 am

Hallyu n. the Korean Wave, a socio-cultural phenomenon taking place across Asia. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

With the super-infectious love for k-pop striking the lands of China, Japan, Vietnam and many other countries, it's time for KARA to take a step overseas! Some may remember speculations regarding KARA's high potential of success in Japan, and it looks like this crossover just might happen!

KARA will be making their first step in Japan by being featured in a special video appearance on the Japanese talk show, ARASHI's Homework (ARASHI's 숙제군) on the 23rd. With the members of a famous idol group ARASHI as hosts, the show's ratings are relatively high. Now why would KARA make an appearance in a Japanese TV show when they haven't even debuted in the country yet? It turns out the show's guest, Gekidan Hitori is actually a fanboy at heart for KARA! His passion and love for the girls forced him visit the DSP Entertainment office in Japan to get a chance to actually talk to them.

KARA's representative stated,

Gekidan Hitori came to DSP's office in Japan to get the information and data about KARA. We were very thankful toward his love for KARA. Then they requested a video message of them for the show.

Gekidan Hitori had shown his interest for KARA on another show called Monkey Baby as well. For ten whole minutes, Hitori gushed about the quintet to the audience. He said,

My wife loves Korea, so I am learning the language right now. She introduced me to KARA through the internet, and I completely fell in love at first sight. It's the first time I've felt this way about a group since the Ribbon (legendary Japanese girl group). Since the internet is now well-developed, please take a look at their music video, Pretty Girl. If you have extra time, Rock U is very good too. KARA is not very known in Japan yet, so I am passing out their albums I bought myself to the people around.

KARA has already gained a tremendous amount of attention from Japan and even received a contract deal with one of the top entertainment agencies regarding their international debut. After the airing of this special episode with KARA being featured on the show, their popularity is expected to rise exponentially in Japan. Fighting, KARA!

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