Wang Biho gets SHINee and MBLAQ

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Wang Biho gets SHINee and MBLAQ Empty Wang Biho gets SHINee and MBLAQ

Post by Xiatistic on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:49 am

Wang Biho dissed two idol groups, SHINee and MBLAQ both in one night!

To MBLAQ he said, "Rain raised them? He should be taking care of himself first. MBLAQ has a lot of famous siblings. Just because you get more attention than other members doesn't mean you have it all. You might end up like Kim Hye Soo's brother."

He continued to nag the rookie group by saying, "Thunder, Rain named you Thunder? Fire, wind, water, heart, what are you, Captain Planet?"

To Lee Joon he said, "I can recognize you in Ninja Assassin because of your small eyes." To G.O. he said, "You look like an ahjussi(a middle-aged man in Korean). Do you think you look cool cause of your beard? You look old!"

He moved on to SHINee and revealed a Jonghyun lookalike.

He said, "SHINee is part of the comedian family. Jonghyun, you are the son of Kim Mi Hwa, right?"

He continued to talk about their song Ring Ding Dong, "Ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring ding dong... Work harder on the lyrics. If you just used repetition every time, comedians could make so many jokes like that!"

Out of all the boys he dissed that night, I think G.O. got it the worst because he does resemble an ahjussi.

Check out the funny sketch, 3:00 for Jonghyun's "mother":

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