Taeyang’s Lookin’ for Love

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Taeyang’s Lookin’ for Love Empty Taeyang’s Lookin’ for Love

Post by Xiatistic on Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:32 am

That's right ladies, our sexy Big Bang-er and current soloist Taeyang is a man who's sick of his "guy who's never dated" tag.

After the huge success of his first single Look Only At Me in 2008, Taeyang came back to taste the sweetness of success yet again with his 2nd single Wedding Dress. Though his on-stage image went from selfish lover to a part of an unrequited love, his off-stage image remains the same - our Taeyang is still painfully shy. In a recent interview, Taeyang admitted his bashful flaw by stating, "There's a reason why I can't appear on variety shows like Seungri."

Taeyang then went from talking about his shy nature to his passion for music.

"I've never dated before. I never had a chance to date because I was focusing on my music. I never had time to date, but I never meant for the image of 'guy who's never dated' to happen intentionally. For me, music is hard to explain, but its important grows as time goes on. I'm always happy when I receive a good song or when I perform that song on stage. Honestly, it's hard to think about a world without music. Music gives my life, and everyone's lives, meaning. I started my career with music because I love it. I want to focus on music for now."

However, despite his passion for his music, Taeyang really wants out of his "guy who's never dated" status. After receiving advice about dating secretly, Taeyang jokingly responded by stating, "I'll give you a call if I get a girlfriend. I want to tell people right away!"

Despite this, Taeyang never forgets his goal for his music. Although the singer wants to find himself a nice young gal aka me, he would like to focus on promoting his music to the best of his abilities. Many girls are waiting in line for love, but I guess they'll have to wait a little while longer until the SUN-shine of their lives fulfills his dreams. Remember to visit the Big Bang VIP Forums

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