Kara on hardships of being part of idol groups

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Kara on hardships of being part of idol groups Empty Kara on hardships of being part of idol groups

Post by Xiatistic on Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:20 am

I'm sure that many of you have heard your own horror stories about the entertainment industry, but Kara's Goo Hara had a few more of her own to share on this week's episode of KBS 2TV's Imagine More. Goo Hara was among the few celebrities who guest-starred this week, alongside her fellow Kara members Park Gyuri and Han Seungyeon, as well as the Brown Eyed Girls and 2AM's Jokwon.

When all the guest stars were asked about the hardships they faced as a celebrity, she responded, "When I have to go to the bathroom, all five of us [Kara members] have to go together. It was because a male celebrity might walk in on us or something." Dang, they even have to go to the bathroom all together? Talk about awkward!

Seungyeon added, "Before Goo Hara joined Kara, we couldn't even go outside by ourselves, even when we were finished with everything on our schedule."

Park Gyuri also had a few words of her own: "The curfews at our dorm were so strict, that I couldn't stand it. So one day, I decided that enough was enough and I sneaked out by putting on a male wig and baggy clothing."

Talk about harsh. But hey, at least all those hardships paid off, right?

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