G-Dragon Exposed at MAMA?!

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G-Dragon Exposed at MAMA?! Empty G-Dragon Exposed at MAMA?!

Post by Xiatistic on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:43 am

Eagle-eyed netizens are at it again, quick as always to point out G-Dragon's little wardrobe malfunction at the recent MAMA event. It seems that G-Dragon's performance at MAMA was so phenomenal that not only did it blow away the viewers but also the seam of his pants.

For those that are still skeptical about the photo, watch the video below, specifically at 2:51 into the video. The camera man must have been a fangirl at heart because he seemingly could not look away from G-Dragon's exposed region.

I guess this is a testament to G-Dragon's swagger and status as a fashionista because at first I actually thought the ripped seam was part of the outfit. He pulled off the ripped pants look so well that I almost took out a knife and ripped my own pants right then and there.

If only I had his swagger when I was a kid because then I too could have convinced others that the hole in my pants was there on purpose.

Like most Asian parents, my mom was cheap, and I mean dirt cheap. She would never buy me new pants, but insisted on modifying my older sister's skirts into pants that she would then force me to wear. It's bad enough that my so called "pants" were full of flowery patterns, but she had to take it to the next level by not including zippers. She made a slit in the front so that I could do my business, but she would never add in a zipper, claiming that it was too expensive to do so. Well after trying to use staples as makeshift zippers and ended up stapling a little "something" else to my pants, I decided that I probably should just forget trying to fix it.

I tried to convinced myself, "It's not that bad, at least I'll have underwear on." WRONG! Apparently underwear was included in the list of items that my mom considered to be too expensive. However, my mom did try to console me by saying that no one would even notice that I wasn't wearing underwear, and for some crazy reason, I believed her.

I went to school that day full of confidence, believing wholeheartedly that no one would notice. My mom could NOT have been more wrong. That day was how I first earned the dreaded nickname, "Teeny Peeny". I was only a kid then! What did they expect? A python?!? I mean come on! Even pythons were babies once!!

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