“Hot Dara” dances to “Fire” under the moonlight

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“Hot Dara” dances to “Fire” under the moonlight

Post by Xiatistic on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:06 am

As many of you may know, 2NE1's very own 4-D member Sandara Park and After School's UEE has been a guest on Family Outing, for the past two episodes.

The members and guests were all dancing and having a great time, but the dance that really caught everyone's attention was Sandara's cute dance to 2NE1's "Fire," while she wore her infamous corndog costume that CL bought her from Japan.

Sandara Park really made the dance party a success as she made everyone burst into laughter with her corndog dance under the moonlight. The part where she really impressed everyone was when she jumped and did the splits on the cement ground while landing! Lee Hyori was so surprised and impressed by Sandara's transformation that she kept referring to her as "hot Dara."

Starts from 4:24.


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