BoA’s 7th album is cancelled

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BoA’s 7th album is cancelled Empty BoA’s 7th album is cancelled

Post by Xiatistic on Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:44 am

It has been less than two weeks since we reported that BoA will be involved in producing her 7th album. However, it seems like it will be difficult to listen to any tracks from her 7th album anytime soon.

Fans all over the world are puzzled and shocked by e-mails from CDJapan, one of the many Japanese retailers of her upcoming album.

The e-mail reads:

"Dear XX,

I'm sending you this email to let you know that we just received an update
from the Avex informing us that the release of the CD below will be
cancelled, unfortunately.

Release Date: 2010/01/13
Catalog Number: AVCD-23970

No details about the reason for cancellation has been provided.

At this time, there is no indication to show whether or not it might be
released at a later time in the future.

Therefore, it needed to be cancelled from your order **************.

Please write back to this email in case our assistance is needed.

Thank you so much for shopping at CDJapan.


According to the e-mail, BoA's 7th Japanese album has been cancelled without even an indication of its release on a later date. Does this mean that we may never hear tracks BoA, herself, co-produced?

SM Entertainment seriously needs to make a come back. First, the TVXQ controversy, and now the cancellation of BoA's album? Maybe this rumored boy-band will mark SM's comeback into the limelight.

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