Nicole self-cams some more

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Nicole self-cams some more

Post by Xiatistic on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:21 am

College sure must be a bore, because instead of studying, Nicole is camera-whoring... again.

Our 'studious' Kara member has posted up pictures of herself on her mini-hompy. Nicole is already reputable of sharing her everyday life as Kara with her fans. Not only does she share her lifestyle on and off stage with Kara, but she also uploads pictures of her and her members without any make-up.

However, the recent pictures that she has uploaded is for her reality program. So, as well as appearing on the reality footage of her experiencing the college life, Nicole has also shared the pictures with her fans through her mini-hompy.

Nicole has no doubt gained a lot of popularity, and with her new reality show going on, she is able to show fans a side of her that cannot be witnessed when on stage.

In response to the pictures, fans left many positive comments, such as, "I was able to experience Kara's charisma more humanistically as they're always being truthful on television," and, "I wish Nicole would keep uploading self-cams of herself, even after the show is over," and, "Another way for her and her fans to get close has formed."


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