A Few of Yenny’s Favorite Things

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A Few of Yenny’s Favorite Things

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:40 pm

The Wonder Girls' latest Youtube series is back with "A Few of Yenny's Favorite Things" à la Sound of Music! Earlier this week we watched Mimi fangirl over American Idol, but Yenny shared something totally unrelated to her singing career... her passion for food! Anyone surprised?

Yenny brought viewers not only to her favorite restaurant in New York City but also recommended four other top picks... for a gal that moved to the States only a few months ago, this Wonder Girl's pretty well-versed - maybe she was a food critic in a past life? Check out the video below:

Similar to Mimi's video earlier this week, rapper Yubin makes a cameo... is this a conspiracy?!

Make sure to check out this fab fivesome at WG Spectacle Forums, the Wonder Girls' #1 international fan forum!

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