NHK Music Japan apologizes to Big Bang

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NHK Music Japan apologizes to Big Bang Empty NHK Music Japan apologizes to Big Bang

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:01 am

On the November 15th edition of Music Japan on NHK, Big Bang performed their new single Let Me Hear Your Voice. No big deal, right? Well, apparently it is because NHK apologized to Japan for not properly syncing the audio during G-Dragon's rapping portion. Music Japan issued an apology on their website for not properly editing the footage and stated that they will re-broadcast the performance with proper editing on November 29th.

It was quite unfortunate but it's good to see that NHK Music Japan apologized for the incident. Also remember to visit BBVIP Forums.
G-Dragon's portion starts at 2:04


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