CL and Minzy’s “Please Don’t Go” released

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CL and Minzy’s “Please Don’t Go” released

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:37 am

As reported earlier, a special surprise awaited 2NE1 fans today as CL and Minzy's highly-anticipated duet was announced to be released on the 20th. Wait no longer, Blackjacks, because the single is finally out!

Titled Please Don't Go, the song is an upbeat, hip-hop number that flaunts CL and Minzy's powerful rap and vocals. It is deemed an appropriate song for the coming winter as it is expected light listeners on fire with its hot beat - figuratively speaking, of course - and addictive melody.

Apparently 2NE1's talented duo has been working very hard for their first duet together as a YG Entertainment representative stated,

Perhaps it's because the two unnies made their solo debut before them, but CL and Minzy have been feeling a lot of pressure lately. The remaining members gather at the practice room to watch over and cheer on the maknaes. Although they are the youngest members, CL and Minzy have possessed not only rapping skills, but impressive vocals and performance ability even before their debut so we are confident that they will do just fine.

Do you think CL and Minzy's efforts have paid off and will live up to the hype?

Meanwhile, CL and Minzy will perform Please Don't Go for the first time on stage at MAMA on the 21st (that's tomorrow, y'all!).

Dara's Kiss and Bom's You and I have proven to be chart-toppping hits so here's hoping that the remaining two members of 2NE1 will experience a similar - if not, better - success as well!

For further 2NE1 goods, check out their international forum at YG Ladies! Thanks, crazyxcami, for the video tip

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