SHINee’s Key doesn’t see Eun Ji Won as a celebrity

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SHINee’s Key doesn’t see Eun Ji Won as a celebrity

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:05 am

On an episode of Star Golden Bell, SHINee's Key expressed his thoughts towards Eun Ji Won on a segment called Star Golden Bell Image Vote. The voting topic was "Who never looks like a celebrity?". Out of the 20 celebrity choices, Key was the only one who voted for Eun Ji Won. Now, how would a former leader of the mighty idol group of Sechskies not look like a celebrity to this rookie?

"Eun Ji Won was really charismatic back in the old days. However, when I watch 1 Night 2 Days these days, it looks like the cameras are just filming a plain old neighbor. Eun Ji Won feels more like a big brother to me than a celebrity."

Eun Ji Won, offended (?) for being ranked down to "plain" from his "idol" position, said in reply, "I want to dress and look nice too when I go to my 1 Night 2 Days filming, but after the two days, I end up looking dull and normal again. People walking by me always ask if I am back from my filming when I just walk around in normal clothes."

Who cares if you don't look like a celebrity, Eun Ji Won? You already have a girlfriend, so no need to look good for others...right?

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