Sunny talks about Sungmin’s smelly feet

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Sunny talks about Sungmin’s smelly feet

Post by Xiatistic on Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:01 am

On a recent episode of KBS2TV's Star Golden Bell, Super Junior's Sungmin revealed what he really thought about Girls' Generation/SNSD member Sunny.

Sungmin said, "Sunny had been practicing all night with Girls' Generation. I met her the next day and there was still a bunch of crap in her eyes like she didn't wash.

After that I could never see her as a star."

Sunny was quick to retaliate with her own story. "Sungmin's feet stink. Once, while on a radio show together, Sungmin took off his shoes in the DJ's booth. The stench hit my nose like a punch. I honestly thought someone opened a sewer lid."

Wow she destroyed him! Remind me never to say anything bad about her in the future. Thanks for the nose news!

Here's further verification by Sooyoung

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