Jaebeom’s current status at Dankook University

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Jaebeom’s current status at Dankook University Empty Jaebeom’s current status at Dankook University

Post by iLabTaemin on Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:49 am

As if it weren’t enough, KHottests, 2PM’s Korean fanbase, have done it again! These dedicated fans have dug up information regarding the Leadja’s enrollment in Dankook University, which he had previously attended.

On the 19th, a curious KHottest called up the Business Administration Office of Dankook University to see if s/he could get some clarification on Jaebeom’s enrollment within the school. The following conversation is what happened over the phone after a man answered the call.

KHottest: I’m calling to ask you one thing…

Man: Yes…

KHottest: I know that 2PM’s Park Jaebeom is a student of this school but is he on temporary absence or did he withdraw from the school?

Man: …(Pause. He murmurs to himself.) Why do you ask?

KHottest: Ah, I was just wondering how he dealt with his school issues before leaving.

Man: It doesn’t seem like he submitted any papers requesting a leave…(Keeps murmuring to himself)

KHottest: He didn’t submit any documents then? From my knowledge, if you don’t submit any documents requesting a leave, then your name gets removed from the school’s registrar…

Man: He did not send any papers of that sort.

KHottest: Then is he currently not enrolled in the school?

Man: Yes…(All the while murmuring)

The KHottest further mentions that although Jaebeom is currently not enrolled, he can return to the school after he pays for his tuition.

source: allkpop

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