2PM endorses… a giant Christmas cake?

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2PM endorses… a giant Christmas cake? Empty 2PM endorses… a giant Christmas cake?

Post by iLabTaemin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:41 am

2PM has been on the roll for endorsements these days - from sweet mouthwatering brownies to stylish eye-catching cell phones. And today, we are about to add another one to the list, except we aren't really sure what they are advertising either. Only a short video taken rather secretly on the set can really explain what 2PM is up to.

From what I can see, it seems like the boys are having a lot of fun singing a jolly Christmas carol around a giant cake with their former leader hidden inside.

Netizens are speculating the advertisement is for Paris Baguette, a famous bakery chain throughout Korea and now even stateside. This accusation seems very plausible since the words "Paris Baguette" can be heard if you listen closely at the very end. But regardless of what the ad is for, I am pretty sure the fangirls will be psyched to see their beloved boys finally looking joyful aga

source: allkpop

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