Jaebeom attended 2PM’s comeback performance

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Jaebeom attended 2PM’s comeback performance Empty Jaebeom attended 2PM’s comeback performance

Post by iLabTaemin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:39 am

"We're always happy," is what 2PM members are touting and justifiably so, especially now.

Recent reports have surfaced that on 2PM's 6-member comeback performance on the 13th via KBS2 TV Music Bank, ex-leader Jaebeom was in attendance. Although not physically, prior to performing, Wooyoung called Jaebeom using his cellphone, to which Jaebeom said, "What time is it now?" Needless to say, the members showed how close they are and received lots of applause from others who were in the waiting room.

JYP Entertainment stated:

"It was an extremely tearful scene for everyone in the waiting room. Because 2PM has to go on without Jaebeom, as a sign of their emptiness, they had decided to withdraw from variety shows."

source/: allkpop

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