Wonder Girls open a Digital Cafe under Cafe Mori

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Wonder Girls open a Digital Cafe under Cafe Mori

Post by iLabTaemin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:35 am

That's right, now you can order a coffee from your favorite Wonder Girl! And the best part? It's caffeine free!

The girls modeled for the "Take Out One Cup" brand under the Cafe Mori franchise. The "Wonder Baristas" have a virtual online cafe where you can redeem virtual online gifts that you can get coupons for in participating Cafe Moris.

Ordering at Cafe Mori's site will let you meet one of the 5 Wonder Baristas. There's even more incentive to visiting the site than the Wonder Girls as well. Random visitors will receive coupons for a free instant coffee at Cafe Mori's around Korea. You can also receive a love note or flowers from the pretty girls.

You can even download Wonder Barista wallpapers, screensavers, and tons of other free content.

An official from Cafe Mori said, "We're targeting consumers in the 19-24 age range who drink coffee a lot. The girls appeal to this age range and hiring them as models made perfect sense."

With the opening of this promotional act, over 40 million visitors flooded the website and 5 million coupons have already been sent out.

With Korea's work force being so fast paced, instant coffee is a necessity for life. A Korean's necessities differ a bit from the rest of the world. Food, water, and shelter are pretty standard, but for most Koreans, coffee is just a more efficient and productive form of water.

source: allkpop

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