2PM and BEAST’s friendship shines brightly

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2PM and BEAST’s friendship shines brightly Empty 2PM and BEAST’s friendship shines brightly

Post by iLabTaemin on Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:02 am

The two male groups, 2PM and BEAST, have shown themselves to have a strong and brotherly friendship. Awwwww

It has been revealed that 2PM had included a message of gratitude towards BEAST in their 'THANKS' section of the recently released 2PM album.

2PM member Junho's message mentions, "To BEAST's Doojoon, I miss you so much. Let's do activities together! Gi Kwang, Hyunseung, Yoseop, Dongwoon, and Junhyung fighting!"

In addition, 2PM member Junsu also mentioned a message towards BEAST's Doojoon. (Seems like Doojoon is pretty popular among the 2PM member eh)

It has been a tradition for Korean artists, who have made a comeback debut, to greet the other artists and give them a signed copy of their album.

After the two groups rehearsed Music Bank recenty, it has been said that the groups happily greeted each other while 2PM gave BEAST copies of their newly released album.

Fans consider 2PM and BEAST to be sibling groups because BEAST's agency is Cube Entertainment, which is the subsidiary of 2PM's agency, JYP Entertainment.

The two groups had a "contest" to see who can greet louder and both yelled, "From now on, let's work hard together!"

source: allkpop

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