Taeyang and Park Bom will have a YG battle on Inkigayo

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Taeyang and Park Bom will have a YG battle on Inkigayo

Post by iLabTaemin on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:09 am

Taeyang's recently released Wedding Dress has been beating Park Bom's You and I to the number 1 spot on online charts.

The funny thing is they're both in YG Entertainment. I'm sure YG didn't anticipate the success of Park Bom's song. Since Taeyang's Wedding Dress was released yesterday it couldn't help but become competition to Park Bom.

The two have not only been battling on the charts but they'll battle on Inkigayo this Sunday! This will be Taeyang's first comeback performance and Park Bom's second performance of You and I.

People have been paying a lot of attention on the two since you can view this situation as a battle between Big Bang and 2NE1. Who's song do you like better?

source: allkpop

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