Can You Hear 2PM’s Hearts Beat on Music Bank?

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Can You Hear 2PM’s Hearts Beat on Music Bank? Empty Can You Hear 2PM’s Hearts Beat on Music Bank?

Post by iLabTaemin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:27 am

In the midst of all that controversy, 2PM makes their first official broadcast with their comeback single Heartbeat on Music Bank.

Despite talk of returns and heartwarming messages from the members of the group, 2PM comes back on stage with six members. Fans were able to get a taste of future live performances yesterday through a fancam view of the Oh Yeah! Concert. Fancams, however, can only show so much from a distance.

Though many fans insist the stage seems empty without the group's controversial leader, by the sound of things, several other fans were quite delighted to have their boys back on stage. Sure makes sense since JYPE had went out of their way to inch the boys' comeback closer to appease the hearts of fangirls everywhere. As the boys took the stage and delivered an awesome performance, fangirls could hardly contain themselves in the crowd, making it almost impossible to hear their boys' hearts beat. One can't help but say it's good to have these boys back on the scene.

source: allkpop

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