Everyone wants Kara!

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Everyone wants Kara!

Post by iLabTaemin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:59 am

Kara has been very successful with endorsements in the last few months. During the attack of the girl groups, Kara was able to hold their ground and gain lots of popularity. And what comes with popularity in Korea? CF's.

In a single month, Kara signed 4-5 endorsement deals on top of the 4 endorsements they already had under their belt. That totals to around 8 or 9 endorsements since their comeback which was just during the recent summer.

They've endorsed various things such as a shoe brand, a chicken company, a ramen company, an online game, a brand of pizza, and more. If you live in Korea, you will literally see Kara everywhere.

One of Kara's representatives said:

"After Chuseok, the CF deals just kept coming in. We've chosen the ones that apply to Kara's image and don't interfere with their schedule. We have been getting a lot of CF deals, right now we have 4-5 CF deals ahead of us and I'm sure more will come."

Kara planned to make a comeback in November but it has been delayed because of their busy schedule including these endorsements.

Wow, let's just hope Rainbow follows in their footsteps.
source: allkpop

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