JYP talks about plans on Jaebeom’s return

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JYP talks about plans on Jaebeom’s return Empty JYP talks about plans on Jaebeom’s return

Post by iLabTaemin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:52 am

Just in time to coincide with 2PM's 6-member release of their Heartbeat music video, JYP (Park Jin Young) mentioned his thoughts and plans on ex-2PM leader Jaebeom's possible return on Golden Fishery last night.

On the show, JYP said:

"When the news about his anti-Korean statements were first released, I believed that the level of criticism against him was too harsh. I mean, people petitioned for his death. But public opinion changed to 'the translation was misleading and he did not do anything wrong' after he left for States, as if he actually did not do any wrong. His thoughts and mine on this matter are the same - it is somewhere in between. He did not do such great wrong but it is a matter serious enough that we cannot just ignore and pretend it didn't happen. It was a great mistake. Especially for a person who sings, dances and performs art. We are the ones who connect two different cultures and he cannot disrespect people of different culture like that. I believe that his expressions were very wrong

Is Jaebeom a bad person? No, he is very nice. But back then, his attitude was quite unpleasant, telling me in my face that he can succeed only if he doesn't get a song written by me. But I liked Jaebeom despite his attitude because he never lied, he was always truthful - and he kept changing. Now, he is a different person from who he was back then. I do agree then Jaebeom of the past has hurt too many Koreans with harsh expressions and he thinks the same. That is why he couldn't get on the stage because of shame. But you see, other members still have to perform, and he did not want to drag 2PM down. That is why he said "Hyung, I want to go back to States." If I was him, I think I would have made the same decision.

If him and I thought that accusations against him were wrong then we would have fought for him until the end. But he himself thinks that he did a great wrong. If the media and the fans feel any love for Jaebeom then the best they could do is let him be. He is taking time to regret and think over his wrongs so letting him do so would be helpful.

What can I do while he does so? Help him continue taking dancing and singing lessons to continue training as an artist. When he says that he wants to be back on stage, then I will help him do so. When he comes back, he will come back as a part of 2PM, the members love others very much. Neither him nor the members want him to return as a solo artist."

There we go folks, JYP hasn't given up on Jaebeom but he wants to respect his decision of seclusion in Seattle until Jaebeom wants to come back. For now, it seems the best course of action is to leave Jaebeom alone. Stay tuned to allkpop as 2PM continues their journey without leader Jaebeom for the time being. Remember to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

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