f(x) Uncovers “You’re My Destiny” and “Step By Me”

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f(x) Uncovers “You’re My Destiny” and “Step By Me” Empty f(x) Uncovers “You’re My Destiny” and “Step By Me”

Post by iLabTaemin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:18 am

It's hard to believe that f(x) debuted only a few months ago, since they've come so far... from LA cHA TA to Chu~♡, these young ladies are enchanting new fans by the day. People are still getting adjusted to comeback hit Chu~♡, but the girls aren't stopping there - the girls' first mini-album was just released online and we're already loving it! this songs we're saying are "your my destiny" and "step by me".

->your my destiny

->step by me

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