SNSD Ramen CF Song Stirs Up Plagiarism Rumors

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SNSD Ramen CF Song Stirs Up Plagiarism Rumors Empty SNSD Ramen CF Song Stirs Up Plagiarism Rumors

Post by iLabTaemin on Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:52 am

A storm has been brewing on the male side of the kpop world for the past few months, but it looks like the gals aren't exactly cruising either - SNSD was recently under fire for the song choice in their SamYang Ramen commercial. A Japanese blog has connected the song in the background of the CF with the music used in Bubble Bobble, a popular Japanese arcade game.

Luckily, a representative from SamYang Ramen has cleared up the confusion, explaining that they had contacted the Japanese game company to use this music. "It's strange," an official commented about the situation. "We received permission to use this music, and the Japanese blogger was mistaken."

However, the damage of the misinformed blogger has been done - netizens from Korea and Japan are currently embroiled in a heated verbal argument online. Since the situation itself has been resolved, we hope that these arguments will die down soon.

source: allkpop

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